To all our active members and those wanting to become members,

Firstly lets address the registration process.  In completing the registration form on the site does not guarantee you will be approved to access the complete site.  There is an approval process in place and this could take a day or two.  If you qualify you will get a confirmation mail stating that you have been activated.  Please make sure this mail does not end up in you spam folder.  This mail should contain your username but not your password during the registration process due to security reasons. 

If you try and logon onto the site once activated and get an invalid username and password click on the ‘Reset Password’ link which will send you a new password.  If you are unsure of your username click on the ‘Forgot Username’ link which will in turn send you your username to the mail address you registered with.

Hope this explanation rectifies any future problems.


Ani and Zelvin

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