Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you!

I for one love to be amongst strong minded people with a positive outlook in life. I never knew that the strongest of them all will be my lady Soul!

We are never in control when it comes to our lifes journey. The sooner we realise it, the better. Each day is a miracle by Grace alone. You can decide to look at glass half empty or half full.

Feels like yesterday when I had to deal with a situation that at that time, I was shocked and had a lot of questions – Unfamiliar territory.

The way she handled it, with one goal in mind – step by step and positive attitude, made me realise how much I have lost and forgot about life. Her journey through setbacks and pain made me realise how fortunate we are and how easy we take it for granted.

In a blink of an eye things can change. How you handle it, defines you. Her attitude and persistence made me stronger and definitely inspired me.

On the second day in ICU, I asked her what her goals was, going forward. Thinking it will be her favourite coffee and carrot cake, or her favourite drive.

  • She shocked me and said the following, and I quote her:
    “Thank you God for:
    to be able to stand,
    to be able to walk a few steps,
    to be able to take care of myself,
    to be positive,
    to be able to have a view and feel the sunshine on my skin.”

I was stunned and realise that so many of those things we take for granted.
Never will I again!

What follows after that inspired me to became a better “ME” and to appreciate every day!

She is truly a unique, blessed individual, the way she touch people and also inspire them, is amazing!

I dedicated this series to the leader of strong minded and positive people – like she always says: “by Grace alone”

When looking at this series, think about her goals at that stage and in those circumstances.

What are your goals?

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